As weight loss & wellness professionals, nothing makes me surer about what we do for a living than seeing people succeed in improving every aspect of their life once they have achieved significant weight loss. Stories like Paul who followed the plan and lost 20 kg over 16 weeks  (That’s not long is it?)

Week after week I would supervise Paul’s weigh ins. Sometimes he would lose weight and be super happy. Some weeks for no reason his weight would inexplicably go up on the previous weigh in, not by much but for no apparent reason.

I trusted Paul totally and knew if he said nothing had changed away from the plan that he was telling the truth.

It was these times that the mood drops a little, concerned that the plan doesn’t work anymore and it was up to me to re assure him that now more than ever you just need to trust and stick with it. (It can be times like these that cause many to drop off their plan – this clearly was not an option for Paul, Thankfully.) Any way after watching the mini ups & downs of his journey I was locking up on a Monday night after a long day and I received this text and it is word for word as follows:

“Hi Lance, just been to my doctor for yearly checkup and good news is I have been taken off the heart medication and also the cholesterol and also half the diabetic tablets. I have to see him in a months’ time and if I am down another 5Kgs he will take me off ALL tablets completely. He asked how I did it and I explained about you and the program etc. and gave a good wrap, so he said he would call you to find out more about it, so expect a call. See you Wednesday cheers Paul” Very powerful stuff!

This is more evidence that what we do works. Sure we are in the business of health & weight loss but we think we are really in the business of “changing & saving lives”

Tammy also has dozens of these stories through her Natural Therapies Clinic and we never ever get tired of watching our clients turn their lives around by exponentially improving their health.

You do not need superhuman powers of willpower to make changes.

All you need to do is make the decision to follow our proven Plans. It is step by step and it works!

What is it about your life you would like to improve?

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