What makes Motivating Health Different? And the very first benefit of Exercise?

The reality of exercise is that no matter what your age, weight or current state of health, research by psychologists proves that the very first benefit of exercise to be realized is an overwhelming and enhanced feeling of happiness and wellbeing. So in short if you your life could be better “start exercising & instantly improve the quality of your life”.

Once you have started exercising and feeling good, feel even better about putting the effort in with the added knowledge that within a short period of time you will:

  • You will be Happier with your physical appearance.
  • Your blood pressure will probably drop. ( You may get off medication)
  • Reduced risk of diabetes.
  • Reverse your diabetes (And get off medication)
  • Strengthen your bones.
  • Reduce the risks of Bowel cancer & other cancers.
  • Reduce the risk of depression or reduce the symptoms of depression.
  • You will probably lose weight.
  • You will be more productive at work.
  • You will improve your sex life (Yippeeeee!)

Most in the medical profession now acknowledge that exercise needs to a part of everyone’s life, no matter what your age or physical disabilities.

Things to consider when starting exercising are:

  • Pre- existing health conditions.
  • Age Appropriate exercises.
  • How long since you last exercised?
  • Your weight?
  • Any injuries or previous injuries?
  • What exercise do I enjoy?
  • Am I comfortable in the gym environment?
  • Am I more suited to small group training? or
  • Am I more suited to personal training?
  • How many times per week should I be training?
  • Should I get professionally assessed before starting  an exercise program
  • Should I get specially designed program that suits my level of fitness and takes into consideration any injuries or pain that I have.
  • Do I want guidance in formulating a new & healthier eating plan.

Motivating Health & Fitness Factory Erina are professionally qualified full time trainers who are highly experienced to provide solutions to any or all of your fitness & exercise requirements. See some testimonials here!

We know what works because:

  • Our life is dedicated to what we do.
  • Our clients are never asked to do anything we have never done.
  • Our principles have been proven over time.
  • Our training practices are safe.
  • Our training practices allow you train injury free.
  • We are experience in training all levels of strength & fitness
  • We are experience at training clients with disabilities & injuries.



  • Certificate III & Certificate IV
  • Members of Fitness Australia
  • REHAB Trainer Qualified
  • Punchfit Trainer
  • Member Australian Fitness Network
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Professional Indemnity insurance
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • Heart Foundation Heartmoves Accredited.

You will find out more about how  Motivating Health can help you through our regular blog posts , some of which may interest you, some may even be controversial. We’ll keep you informed and educated and entertained with relevant and up to date health & exercise information.

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