Food v Exercise v Excuses

What’s more important for weight loss?

Through our practice we often talk to people who are very frustrated with their efforts at weight loss.

  • Some may be exercising hard and through their efforts may have lost only a few kilograms but then stabilize. Quite a few will actually put weight on.
  • Others put themselves on a calorie restricted diet and have similar results.

Our program will teach you a balance between food, exercise & honesty that is perfect for you!

We believe that in terms of weight loss there is a ratio between food & exercise that really takes the pressure off most people.

The ratio is about:

  • 70% Food & Other things that go into our mouth.
    • It’s about the right food in the right ratio.
    • Not restricting calories.
    • Once you understand the plan, all you need to do is follow it.
    • You won’t starve (Far from it)
    • You will enjoy the food.
    • It’s easy to prepare.
    • It’s easy to eat.
    • Most importantly it’s about not making excuses.
  • 20% Exercise
    • Is about activity, not Olympic levels of fitness.
    • We have exercise programs that will suit:
      • All ages.
      • All fitness levels.
      • Most chronic disease sufferers.
      • 10% Excuses
        • You have to be accountable.
        • You can’t blame circumstances.
        • You can’t blame fate.
        • You can’t keep putting it off till next week, next month or next year.

 Excuses & Honesty (The one percent’s)

In 2010 I attended a lecture from a very successful trainer who has had a lot of success with a number of NRL rugby league teams.

He relayed a story about how was it that a program used to prepare a team who would go on to win the grand final last year didn’t work on a team the same way this year.

His conclusion was; that it is all the little insignificant things (things that might only amount to 1 % of a workout or a diet plan) get done properly every time.

  • Not just sometimes or
  • When the athlete felt like it
  • But every time,
  • Without question
  • Without complaint
  • And quite often even when their friends were taking the easy way out.
  • Or trying to convince them their goals weren’t that important.

A winner in all walks of life knows that if they work harder, train harder; find smarter solutions learn more about their craft, they will succeed.

A winner has no excuses if they don’t get the result they want.

A winner while not satisfied by a defeat may see areas for improvement but not excuses.

A winner is not always the victorious but he/she knows that their preparation was the very best they could do and they did it with a great deal of sacrifice because their goal was important enough to chase.

If you come to us and start a program we will give you the tools to achieve your goals.



“If you fall we’ll pick you up”

“You are only beaten when you give up”

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