Refund Policy


As of 8th February 2021

 Our Company Website sells three types of products.

  1. Physical Products – Protein Powder
  2. Single sale digitally delivered products.
    1. eBooks
    2. Workout Videos.
  3. 12-week weight loss Subscription
  4. Gym memberships.

Each type of product has a slightly different refund policy. Please read the policy relating to the product you are purchasing.

  1. Physical Products – Protein Powder:
    1. If goods are received damaged and or not in a fit state for consumption and acceptable photographic is provided a full refund will be provided.
    2. If the incorrect flavor has been provided a full refund will be provided upon the return of the unwanted product supplied.
    3. Change of mind is no grounds for refund once goods have been dispatched from our warehouse.
  2. Single sale digitally delivered products:
    1. These products once paid are digitally delivered and can’t be retrieved or returned. As such no refund will be offered. Change of mind or incorrect selection are no grounds for refund.
  3. 12 Week Weight Loss Subscription:

These subscriptions are debited from the client’s bank or credit card either in 12 weekly installments or 3 Monthly installments it will be clear on the sign-up page as to what the installment arrangement will be. The program is delivered digitally. Once the customer has signed up for a program it is up to them to complete the program.  Motv8 Pty Ltd T/as Motivating Health will not refund or cancel the program once started. Started means once first payment has cleared.  Failure to complete the program or achieve results seen by previous participants does not constitute grounds for a refund or cancellation