A Safe Gym for Adults over 50


Are you looking for gym that gets you? Are you struggling with your weight, lacking motivation, losing muscle tone getting flabby or just feeling older than you should be? 

Do you want more energy and strength to keep up with your grandchildren?

If you are looking for a professional reliable Gym or Personal Trainer who understands the ageing process, our gym is probably a good fit for you.  We can adapt an exercise and strength training program to suit your age to get you stronger, fitter, healthier with more energy than you have had for a long time.

Most Doctors would agree and probably encourage you to exercise more. Why not have a Chat to your GP on your next visit?

Improved Cardiovascular capacity and improved muscle tone is essential for healthy ageing.

Click this link to see the World Health Organisations recommendations for physical activity for your age. You might be surprised.

For an obligation free & confidential chat Call Lance on 0423 721941

"We Specialise in Fitness for the fabulous 50 plus!"

Our Membership Fees are very reasonable and payable monthly with no lock-in contracts.


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