Private Label Protein Powder

Private label products are those manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand. Private-label goods are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics. Private label protein powder is a great example of this.

The big advantage with private label brands is that they can be positioned as “premium” brands to compete with existing “name” brands. Customers of Private Label Brands are extremely loyal. And the loyalty brings them back to you because you own your brand. This ads real value to a business. Franchises thrive on brand loyalty and you can too!

Are you a Gym, Personal Trainer, Natural Therapist

If you are in the fitness or wellness industry you work bloody hard at building your own brand. Why?  Because the better your branding, the more recognizable you become which in turn allows people to know you better which then builds more value in your business.

You know your customers trust you, they respect any recommendations you make, so rather than referring your clients to a brand that doesn’t promote you Protein Powderwhy not offer your customers products that do reflect your values, your level of excellence, your brand and cash in on their loyalty. You’ve worked hard for it, you deserve it and believe me both you and your clients will feel special when they walk out have purchased one of your exclusive products.

A lesson we have learn’t from observing Donald Trump and Richard Branson on branding.

These guys brand everything they touch as their own. You recognize their brand everywhere. Why do they do it? Because they understand the power of recognition. Every product they sell, everything you use on their planes and in their hotels is banded as theirs.

The more you recognize something the more you will trust it. When you trust a product or service you are more to engage with it. The more you engage with that product or service the more valuable you make that business.

Why promote someone else’s brand when you have no equity in it.

Could you ever see Donald Trump promoting Hilton Hotels or having Hilton branded products in his Hotels? No Way!

We Can Private Label Protein Powder for You!

MOTV8 Pty Ltd are Food Authority Approved manufacturers of protein powders. We manufacture for ourselves under our own Brand “Motivating Health” – Weight Management Formula which we sell through our Wellness Centres and also through selected Chemists, Health Food Stores and Fruit & Vege retailers.

We also manufacture products for other businesses under their own brand. It is possible to formulate bespoke formula or we can brand our existing products as yours. We take care of everything from artwork, label printing and packaging to provide you with a product that looks like yours which you put straight on your shelf or your online store ready to sell

If you can understand the private label potential, customers of your brand will repeat purchase up to 12 times per year per customer. Why? Because they can only buy it from you!

Your loyal customers will switch to your brand immediately because they trust you. We know from experience that members can come and go but while they may have periods where they might not be gym members some will definitely continue to buy you protein.

If you would like to have a chat about whether you want you brand on a protein powder give us a call. All enquiries are free. We would like you to have the same opportunities that we’ve had.


Lance Roberts (Managing Director)

Ph: 0423 721941