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Are you looking for someone to help you lose weight? In the decade that we have been specializing in weight loss we have spoken to thousands of people who have needed some help. Losing weight is hard enough but like anything if you have a solid plan with clear steps and systems to follow the job is so much easier and you have a much higher chance of success. If you try a piecemeal approach, your chances of success are small.

Is losing weight all about food?

I could talk to people about this question for hours.

There are Four aspects to consider when talking about weight loss.

  • The 1st is our rational conscious thought process.
  • The 2nd is our subconscious or the emotional thought process.
  • The 3rd is the Food.
  • The 4th is Exercise

When we work with our clients, we absolutely need to talk about the rational conscious side of losing weight and getting to an ideal and maintainable weight.

When you are overweight your risk of:

  • Heart disease is real.
  • Hypertension.
  • Elevated Cholesterol.
  • Diabetes is real.
  • Risk of stroke is real.
  • Damage to your joints such Knees, Hips & Ankles and Spine is real
  • Impotence for men is real.
  • Lack of libido (Men & Women)
  •  Depression and mood fluctuations is real
  •  Some cancers.
  •  I could keep going…………………..

The risk of succumbing to any of these diseases increases dramatically for every kilogram you are overweight. But sadly, as serious as all those reasons above are they don’t seem to be enough to motivate most people to want to change.

So part of what we do in our weight loss consultations is body composition testing, health questionnaires to ascertain your current health status and understanding any medications and supplements you may be on. We complete a thorough analysis of your current eating patterns provide you with a tutorial and education around how different foods affect your blood chemistry and hormones plus we provide you with plenty meal suggestions, plans handy tips and tricks around food and much more……………..

But the most important tool we have in getting successful outcomes for our clients is our WHY Questionnaire. Why do I really want to lose weight? Sounds Simple Doesn’t it?

Once we get some real reasons, “from the clients mouth” we then get you to tap into the deeper emotional and subconscious aspects of the why.

Because this consultation takes place in a safe encouraging environment, we often get real emotions and tears from clients during this stage of the consultation. When we tap in on this level, we can almost guarantee this client will succeed.

I’ll just finish this article of with a diagram that is invaluable for us to help clients move into the weight loss process. It helps us to help you understand where are at the moment (Your present state) and when we work through your reasons for wanting to lose weight check list we find out where you really want be and why (Which is your desired state)

Desired State

We deal with a diverse array of clients. Some only want to lose 3 or 4 kg. Others need to lose 20 kg or 30 Kg

Keep an eye out for our next article which will be: What Happens After Weight Loss?

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