Better Back Program

Back Pain is a worldwide epidemic and for many people there appears no way out. It is a major hurdle to a decent quality of life. It is difficult to be happy when you are in pain. The better back program is an excellent way to transition into an exercise program. Particularly if you have back pain or back injuries or have been very sedentary and are keen to start exercising

Fitness & Exercise

The reality of exercise is that no matter what your age, weight or current state of health, research by psychologists proves that the very first benefit of exercise to be realized is an overwhelming and enhanced feeling of happiness and wellbeing. So in short if you your life could be better “start exercising & instantly improve the quality of your life”.

Personal Training

It does obviously cost more than a gym membership to use a personal trainer. However the benefits and the level of service provided at Motivating Health are second to none and the results can be priceless.

  • One on One
  • Complete privacy & confidentiality
  • Specialised handling of injuries & or chronic conditions
  • Train when it suits you
  • Exclusive

Private Gym Membership

Unlike any other gym we are small, personal and private. Here, everybody knows you and knows your name. Here you are:

  • Respected
  • Encouraged
  • Empowered; and
  • Nurtured

No Contracts! Just month to month.

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