Better Back Program

Exercise programs to fix your back pain!

Back Pain is a worldwide epidemic. With the right exercise programs many causes of back pain can be alleviated. We can possibly implement exercise programs to fix your back pain.

Our Personal Trainers are very good and regularly work with people just like you. What have you got to lose. We are very happy to coordinate programs with your Doctor, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor.

If you don’t suffer from Back Pain, you probably know people who do. Please pass on our details!Back Pain relief through exercise at Erina

For man sufferers of back pain there appears no way out.

  • It is a major hurdle to a decent quality of life.
  • It is difficult to be happy when you are in pain.

Back pain is different for everyone.

  • For some the cause may be muscular.
  • For some the cause may be skeletal. (I will include disc damage in the skeletal category).

Exercising with back pain Erina The problem for back pain sufferers is that the last thing you feel like doing is exercise however quite often rest is not the answer either.

Once the source of the problem is properly diagnosed you can enter our Better Back Program.

The Better Back Program recognizes the core as guardian of the spine.

The Better Back Program will also prevent many of those back strain injuries through correct movement and better condition.

Core training & exercises improve the body’s ability to minimize forces or loads applied to the spine. Most individuals whether they are an injured client, healthy client or a healthy athlete will benefit from the addition of the core exercises we include in our Better Back Program.


Our program:

  • Reduces disk degeneration.
  • Takes the pressure off the disc
  • Reduces bulging discs.
  • Strengthens & conditions the muscles that stabilize the trunk & Spine.
  • Improves your posture (A huge cause of back pain)
  • Is an excellent way to ease into exercise for people who have injuries.
  • And obviously will reduce back pain.
  • Will reduce your dependence on Pain Killers & Anti-Inflammatory medication.
  • Allow you to be HAPPIER!

The better back program is an excellent way to transition into an exercise program.REHAB Personal Trainer Erina

Particularly if:

  • You have been very sedentary and are keen to start exercising.

The program is run as: 

  • One on one specialized & supervised re training of the body’s muscular system.
  • 1 hour sessions
  • Initial assessment of one hour is required prior to commencement.


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