By applying the principals of discipline & consistency to the pursuit of our goals we can be assured of success beyond our wildest dreams.

18 Months ago I was training two women in our gym at Motivating Health. My Daughter Abbey who is a Personal Trainer and young Mum walked through the gym, I was keen to introduce the women to Abbey. As I did they raved and gushed in awe about her physique and general physical appearance.

The women while heaping praise on Abbey excitedly asked her what was her secret, and how she changed her body shape after the birth of her daughter. What came next was amazing, it showed a wisdom beyond Abbey’s age and it was completely unrehearsed.

Tammy Roberts - Medical Herbalist

Her response was short but powerful: “DISCIPLINE & CONSISTENCY”. I have my workout and diet regime and I stick to it.

It is now one of my favorite sayings. It gives Tammy and I a lot of perspective around our daily rituals and goals.

Lets explore this simple phrase and see how powerful it really is.


Many of us equate the word discipline to punishment, possibly because of the way we were brought up. If we can change our mindset around this interpretation many of the goals we have set become a lot easier and the rewards will follow.

Many of us can wrongly equate consistency of a regular routine or set of habits which day by day move us towards a desired goal as boring and restrictive or like being locked into a life of rules.


Subconsciously many of us are programmed to rebel against our interpretation of Discipline & Consistency. If we re-program our definition of these words to mean “Guaranteed Success” the pursuit of worthwhile life changing goals will take on new meaning with amazing rewards.
If you knew you would achieve every worthwhile goal that you set, you would attack it with a different energy, enthusiasm and determination. Wouldn’t you? The Discipline and Consistency gives you the power to push through the hard times.
Let’s look at a couple of people in recent history that have given the world some amazing gifts through being Disciplined and Consistent. These people while amazingly successful did experience what appeared to be insurmountable challenges throughout their journey.
You must also have a compelling reason, a burning desire to achieve something and if it becomes a not negotiable in your life Discipline & Consistency will get you there.

Steve Jobs (Apple Visionary)

Steve’s discipline in staying relentlessly focused on his vision  “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.” These tools didn’t yet exist.

The discipline to stay focused wouldn’t have been enough without being consistent. He was consistent in following his rituals and following his vision. He was consistent and maintained his disciple through good times and bad. OK, we might not all be apple users but we have all reaped some benefits from this mans Discipline & Consistency.

Tiger Woods (Golfer)

To become one of the greatest golfers in history the Tiger legend was definitely created on a huge diet of discipline and consistency. The Discipline to hit hundreds of golf balls every day and the consistency do it year after year for decades. He has 15 Major Victories, 3 behind Jack Nicklaus but Tiger overall is 8 more PGA tour victories in front of Jack. It’s open for debate but without his vision and without his Discipline & Consistency we wouldn’t be having the debate.

Successful Weight Loss Clients (Legends)

Lance Roberts-Personal Trainer - Central CoastAll of our weight Loss Winners out there who have succeeded and flourished have done so because they were Disciplined and consistent in following a proven plan.

They came to us with a strong vision and reason to change. These reasons are different for everyone and they were disciplined to stick to the plan. Even when they were tempted to eat foods that weren’t in the plan which would have been detrimental to their vision.

They were disciplined to resist the sabotaging voice that come from within or from friends and  family who apparently mean well. The Disciple combined with the consistency to do it every day until they reach goal is the extra special ingredient. One without the other doesn’t produce powerful life changing results.

Thanks for reading through, a slightly longer post today. You displayed discipline.
Topic for next post will be “Disciple Gives Me Freedom”!
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