THINKING OF GETTING FIT ? But too afraid? (Come to Motivating Health)

Motivating Health is the best gym in Erina if you are overweight, self conscious or nervous about joining a gym.

As a gym owner and personal trainer I love nothing more than seeing people make the decision to change their life and decide to join a gym and get moving. However I also get very disappointed when I hear people say their confidence stops them joining a gym.

It is a big decision and working with many of my clients and members I know it is one the hardest decisions to make. It is a decision that is laced with many emotions, most which are charged with fear & self doubt!

  • What if I embarrass myself.
  • I don’t look like I belong in a gym.
  • People will stair at me.
  • People might laugh at me.

The gym at Motivating Health in Erina has been made for you. It is not just what is in the gym but it’s our culture and values that we have refined for you.

Our mission is to change your perception of what a gym is.

Sure we do a lot of things that most gym’s do but it is our culture of care and understanding drive for excellence that’s makes what we do completely different.

We specialise in:

  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Happiness
  • Encouragement
  • Goal Setting
  • Weight Loss
  • Injury prevention
  • Body Shape Change
  • Beginners programs

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