Thanks for Joining. Lance & Tammy (owners) of Motivating Health and our staff are committed to all our clients and we love to lead by example.

We want to educate you, motivate you and inspire you. Your health and wellbeing is a long term journey. While some of the products and services we offer have a 12 week duration don’t be fooled into thinking job done after 12 weeks.

It just means that you start another 12 week plan or program. When one ends another starts, its just an easy way for us to keep you engaged. It’s about chunking things down into manageable goals. For example do four 12 week exercise plans and you have consistently exercised for 1 year. When was the last time you did this?

As one of the owners of Motivating Health I have managed this for the last 36 years, Since I was 20 years old.

Feel free to keep us posted on your progress but if you are in our online personal training program we will see your progress work out by workout.

Weight Management is a life long commitment to good health, wellbeing and a long life.

Regards & Good Luck!

Lance, Tammy & Staff