Do you suffer unexplained symptoms or conditions? (Fibromyalgia is real!)

Busy stressful lives present our bodies with many challenges. Many of these challenges are not recognized by mainstream western medicine.

Ailments such as:

  • F – Fatigue
  • I – Irritability
  • B – Brain Fog
  • R – Restlessness
  • O – Overlapping Syndromes
  • M – Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Y – You Never Feel good
  • A – Anxiety & Depression
  • L – Loss of Control
  • G – Grief & Worry
  • I – Immune Dysfunction
  • A – Always searching for answers

The symptoms of fibromyalgia are all real indicators of health problems that many medical practitioners either don’t consider as problematical or may want to treat with pharmaceutical drugs that may cause side effects that are worse than the original condition or complaint.

The great news is that a highly experienced natural health practitioner not only recognizes all of these complaints as very real (and that others overlook or don’t understand) but can provide answers, relief and very positive outcomes for the long suffering patient.

At Motivating Health (formerly known as Tamara’s Herbal & Natural Therapies) the services and care provided through our Natural Therapies Clinic are structured to compliment & improve your health outcomes.

Tammy Roberts (Dip Med Herb) holds qualifications in Medical Herbalism (Think Naturopathy) NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) & NIS (Neurological Integration) and When combined with her experience the three modalities provide healing & curing qualities that very few in the industry are capable of providing. See some testimonials here. Tammy’s practice has grown from the referrals she receives from previous clients. Would you ever refer someone who has not delivered on your expectations?

Pharmaceutical side effects and inter reactions

Another area that Tamara excels is her diligence and understanding of pharmaceutical side effects. A short consultation with her will confirm for you some of the side affects you are experiencing from a new prescriptions and how to counteract the ill effects. Sometimes it might be as simple as the timing of the dose or the foods that you consume around the medication.

Did you realize that bananas have a negative effect on some blood pressure medications?

Some other every day foods that can effect common medications are:

Warfarin (a blood thinner commonly prescribed to thin the blood and ginko biloba (a seemingly harmless herb sold at the supermarket and used for brain function & memory but also thins the blood which would dangerously increase or compound the effects of the warfarin, If a warfarin user was to be offered ginko by a shop assistant the result could be life threatening.

We are constantly amazed that somebody can buy vitamins & supplements from a supermarket shelf and rely on directions on the side of a bottle to decide whether that product or dosage is right for them. Other important things to be considered when decided on a supplements & dosage is to take into consideration any existing health conditions and how those supplements will inter react with any pharmaceutical drugs that are currently be taken.

The side effects unfortunately, without a full medical history for a client who may taking any form of drug or natural supplementation can range from (at best) a waste of money to (at worst) dangerous life threatening inter reactions.

You will find out more about how Motivating Health can help you through our regular blog posts, some of which may interest you, some may even be controversial. We’ll keep you informed and educated and entertained with relevant and up to date health & exercise information.

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