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Personal Training

Let’s get you Fitter, Stronger and Leaner!

Our personal training programs are designed to get you Fit, Strong and to complement your Weight Loss goals.

We offer an obligation & cost free initial interview to answer any questions you may have.

To arrange your free interview Call Lance Roberts on 0423 721 941.

Remember “Being fit is FUN!’

  • If you need motivation to get exercising we have a personal trainer to suit you!
  • Do you have injuries? we have a personal trainer to suit you!
  • Are you are over 40 years old, we have a personal trainer to suit you!
  • We have clients who are in their 60″s
  • Personal training packages to suit you your budget.
  • Yes we have personal trainers that specialize in the younger generation as well!
  • If you have had a bad experience with a personal trainer in the past, please don’t give up!

The Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer? 

  • Variety in your programs means you will never get bored or stale.
  • Fun in our sessions is also a priority.
  • Safety is our trainer’s utmost priority.
  • You will have 110% attention of our trainers.
  • Our Trainers are available to be contacted for questions at any time even outside your training times.
  • Your fitness program builds progressively in a controlled & safe manner.
  • All your results are recorded to verify your progress, this reminds you exactly of where you have come from.

Our trainers can show you how good & how exceptional you can be.

What Does Personal Training Cost? 

The choice to use a Personal Trainer can be motivated by any or all of the reasons mentioned above. It does obviously cost more than a gym membership to use a personal trainer.

However the benefits and the level of service provided at Motivating Health are second to none and can be priceless.

The qualifications & experience of the trainer will influence the price, so will the level of service required by the client.

These are all things that can be discussed at an initial meeting whereby by all of your wants and needs can be discussed and then bundled into a package that perfectly suits what is required.

At Motivating Health there is no pressure to lock in to contracts, what you will very quickly find out at the first interview is that your goal becomes our goal and we will focus 110% of our experience, resources and effort on you and your goal in order for you to get what you want and need.

To arrange your free interview Call Lance Roberts on 0423 721 941

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