Would you like to lose 0.5 to1.5 kg Per Week?

We have helped thousands of people. We can help you too!

If you prefer a more personal approach with a higher level of contact and a more supervised structure a personal weight loss program is much more suitable for you.

Our Face to face 12 week Keto weight loss program starts with


Week 1 - A one-hour consultation that includes:

  1. Health Screen
  2. Body Composition & Cellular Health Report
  3. Tutorial on understanding Ketosis and why it works for weight loss.
  4. How to test for ketosis
  5. The benefits of Ketosis
  6. Everything you need to know about Macro Nutrients
  7. What Macro Nutrients help fat loss.
  8. What Macro Nutrients help weight gain.
  9. Meal guides
  10. Lifetime Access to the 12 Week Keto Weight Loss Private Facebook group.

You will walk away from session one with all the information and tools required to start losing weight from day one.

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WEEK 2-12 

Week 2 - 12 - 30 minute once weekly follow-up consultations.

These consultations are designed to:

  1. Keep you focused,
  2. Develop goal-setting skills.
  3. Accountable
  4. Motivated.
  5. Working on changing Mindset & Unproductive behaviors
  6. Building new skills to help you reach and stay at your goal weight.

You will walk away from your weekly session with renewed motivation and skills to be more and more confident that you are doing the right things to achieve your goals.


Does Any of this Apply to You?

1.      How often do you say I’ll start my weight loss program:
  • Tomorrow?
  • Next Week?
  • After My Birthday
  • After Christmas
  • And Haven’t
2.      Are you unhappy with your weight but laugh it off and say I am happy the way I am?
3.      How often do you beat yourself up after you have eaten food you didn’t need?

4.      Has your doctor warned you about your risk of diabetes?

  • Or do you already have it?

5.       Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol?

6.      Is your sex life suffering or non-existent?
7.      I hate the clothes I have to buy to hide my bulges!

If you have said yes to any of these things to yourself or experienced any of these frustrations you need to do something, Now!

The Motivating Health proven weight loss system will profoundly change your life in 12 weeks.

Emotions & Weight Loss

Our emotions are an important consideration in the weight loss journey. A big part of the success of our program is the fact that we address how our emotions impact us on both a positive and negative level.

Also the Emotions of some of those around us, quite often family and very good friends (People who love us) are just as important to manage and ignored by every other weight loss program available.

Apart from losing weight, the extra benefits are amazing!

So let’s crunch some numbers: 

Easily Lose:

  • 5Kg         in 5 weeks
  • 10kg       in 10 weeks
  • 20kg       in 20 weeks
  • 30kg       in 30 weeks

How much do you want to lose??????????

Be Inspired By Nicole

To book your First Consultation Call 0423 721 941

Or Book online at:
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We don’t bite; we understand you may be cautious, self-conscious or shy. We are here to help and we are a judgment-free zone.

Your appointments are all private and one-on-one.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do Right Now!!!

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