Well-Being &
Weight Loss Works

With the powerful combination of Keto Coaching & Mindset Mastery

The Keto Specialists and behavioural change practitioners achieve positive and sustainable change for your peoples’ health and well-being. It’s achieved via Motivating Health’s – Keto Corporate Well-being & Weight Loss Online Program.

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Incredible statistics of real Australians. Learn how you can give your workers’ a huge boost in well-being & performance.

What is Ketosis & how will it benefit your workforce?

Ketosis is when your body burns stored fat for energy instead of blood sugar. Achieving Ketosis is done through sticking to a Keto Diet. Unlike other Keto food diets or plans, we provide a powerful combination of Keto food plans with education about nutrition and coaching people on how to change their mindset to achieve their goals for good!




Why keto food plans or keto apps alone don’t work:

Our Keto & Coaching is the process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves. To be effective in their commitment to themselves and in-turn their life commitments – including work.

Throughout our 12 Week program, we draw out distinctions and promote shifts in thinking and behaviour. We tackle some of their deepest challenges in weight loss and mindset that in-turn builds resiliency and effectiveness in change.

A key distinction in our Online Keto Well-being and Weight Loss Corporate program is that we don’t just provide the knowledge and plans, we create and develop each participants’ own best practices, connections and resources to improve their health and quality of life.

Keto Specialists & Behavioural Change Practitioners

We have worked personally with hundreds of people implementing our unique Keto Coaching programs with outstanding results!

Ketosis provides many health benefits

A keto diet is a lifestyle that will provide numerous benefits that in-turn can improve workplace performanceand moral. Research has demonstrated (along with our Keto Weight Loss Program results) that Ketosis can:

  • Provide fast and effective weight loss
  • Improved mental health including reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. Results include better moods and behaviours
  • Increase energy levels therefore increasing ability to perform and participate
  • Reduce ‘brain-fog’ and increase ability to make decisions
  • Significantly reduce inflammation which has a plethora of benefits including significantly reducing pain within the body
  • Reduce risk of chronic diseases created from lifestyle choices including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. In fact, our Keto program has completely reversed some diabetic and pre-diabetic patients
  • Provide an overall sense of better well-being and quality of life.

Improve your workplace health, well-being and business performance with our Keto Corporate Program.

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How does our Corporate Keto Well-being & Weight Loss Program work?

Our Specialists Behind the Programs

Motivating Health are inspired by: Their combined experience and passion for helping people to effectively lose weight in a realistic and caring manner! The skills of our Program’s founders have tailored this 12 Week online program for maximum participation and results!

Tammy is a qualified Medical Herbalist of 18 Years and practitioner in NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and NIS (Neurological Integration System).

Lance is a certified Health and Fitness Trainer & Coach of 14 years and qualified NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic programming).

We take into consideration peoples’ pre-existing health risks and conditions. Biometrics are measured to ensure effective and safe ketosis is being achieve. We collaborate with participants healthcare plans provided by their healthcare professionals.

At Motivating Health, our Keto Programs follow the most stringent safety guidelines backed by over 30 Years of combined professional experience.

Over two decades we have offered Ketogenic eating programs, training and coaching one-on-one with our clients. We have seen incredible weight loss results and improvements in our clienteles’ quality of life.

How do we Master Mindset for sustainable change?

Our balance between the understanding of food and one’s emotional state is a real game changer for weight loss and well-being. Our Keto Corporate Well-being & Weight Loss program focuses on 6 main pillars of success to work towards achieving participants goals in health and well-being for good. These include:

1.  NLP Coaching – Smart Goals & Action Plans

4.  Motivation (and participation incentives)

2.  Individual Ketogenic Fat Burning Food Plans

5.  Movement/Exercise

3.  Mindset Change – including NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and NIS (Neurological Integration System).

6.  Accountability

Let’s build a healthier culture across your organisation

Through participation in our Keto Corporate Well-being & Weight Loss Program, we build individuals resilience and develop healthy lifestyle choices that they can maintain.

We identify any possible barriers to changing their lifestyle risk factors and overcome these barriers by facilitating and empowering them to reduce their risks.

Our Keto Corporate Well-Being & Weight Loss program is conducted over 12 weeks. Within this time, you will expect to see significant weight loss, improved well-being and reduced health risks in all participants.

Download your free report.

Incredible statistics of real Australians. Learn how you can give your workers’ a huge boost in well-being & performance.

Keto Corporate Well-being & Weight Loss Corporate Online Program


Health Risk Appraisals

NLP Coaching

Online Webinars

Monitoring Biometrics


Online Members Community

Online Consulting

Engagement Strategies
& incentives


Pre-program health risk

ROI – Data and metrics to
measure post program outcomes.

Well-Being & Weight Loss Works with the powerful combination of Keto Coaching & Mindset Mastery

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How does our Corporate Keto Well-being & Weight Loss Program work?

Our Service

With over 30 Years’ combined experience, we understand what it takes to engage, motivate and make people accountable for their own health and well-being. We also understand that you know what makes your workplace tick and the best ways to gain engagement with your workers.

Our team will collaborate with you to establish the best way to conduct our 12 Week Keto Well-Being and Weight Loss Corporate Program, including incentives for maximum uptake and engagement.

We will meet your people where they are at on their health and well-being journey. We understand that people have different barriers and needs, and our program caters for this.

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