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Keto Weight Loss

Hi, I’m Tammy Roberts and I’m the Co Owner & Co Founder of Motivating Health. I’m a practicing Medical Herbalist and our Business specializes in all things weight loss. In particular we specialize in Ketogenic  (Keto) eating programs.

Our online 12 week Weight Loss program is delivered live via weekly 1 hour webinars direct to your computer or mobile device. The webinars are recorded and are available to you for future reference or if you miss the scheduled live session. 


Our program does not sell food or meals. You are not locked into buying anything by signing up to this program. The cost you see quoted is the cost you pay, no hidden extras.

Did You Know?

On average 35.85% of the Australian Population aged 25 -64 yrs are overweight BUT NOT yet obese. On average another 32.93% of the same age group are already obese. Our mission is to intervene and stop the already overweight population of Australia and the western world from becoming obese.

Benefits of our Keto Program 

  • You will easily lose *1 Kg per week. Tammy Roberts
  • You will enjoy more energy.
  • You will enjoy nicer clothes.
  • You will sleep much better.
  • You will look amazing.
  • You will look younger.
  • You will live longer, happier, healthier lives!
  • You may be able to reduce many medications such Blood Pressure and diabetic medication.
  • You will have a more fun active life with your children, grandchildren, family and friends.

What you’ll get in the program:

  • 12 Weekly 1 hour webinar lessons into our proven Weight Loss Program.
  • Downloadable PDF notes & guides to follow: Current Diet Analysis Chart, Protein Planner, Meal Planner, Exercise Plans and much more.
  • Ten additional 5 minute video tutorials that will educate you about: Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins and how each effects your body.
  • The webinars not only focus on food but we will address the emotional aspect of weight loss and you will learn special techniques to help change your behavior including self hypnosis tips and tools to change any negative behavior.
  • You will learn about Ketosis and how it will super charge your weight loss.
  • You will learn about why and how you gain body fat.
  • The program takes you through what we teach our in clinic clients and you will get the same results.  Awesome!
  • Sign up for our program that starts 29th June and you will also get access to our VIP members only online group.
    • This group will be a source of extra reference material.
    • Support
    • Motivation
    • Optional Challenges.
    • Live feed back

What will this cost me?

In a few short steps we can get you into our 12 week Weight Loss Program for only $14.95 P/W. This Program is normally $595.00 for the 12 weeks however for a short time you can enroll in our next group starting on the 29th June for only $14.95 P/W

Positions are strictly limited so don’t waste time. Once the class is full you’ll have to wait till July and you could have already lost 4 or 5 Kg. Get a head start. Don’t miss this chance, you wont regret it.

Watch the testimonial from Cordell – He achieved an amazing result, he lost 15 Kg. From being overweight and heading towards obesity he completely turned his future around. The most important thing about this success story is not just that he has lost the weight but he has maintained his goal weight now three years on.


Watch Testimonial From Faye – She has done an amazing job she lost 20 Kg. Overcame crippling back surgery and is now back into Martial Arts Training. Faye has kept her weight off and whenever we see her she raves about what a difference losing the weight has made to her. She came to us from a referral by a past client.

We don’t tell you what to do, We teach you what to do! 

  • Have you tried to lose weight before and not done as well as you had hoped?
  • Have you lost weight before only to put it back on?

That just means you haven’t cracked the code yet. It doesn’t mean you give up

Our balance between the understanding of food and our emotional state is a real game changer. The emotional help gives you the tools and the strength to empower you to smash through many of the road blocks that can confront you when you are chasing new goals. It really is amazing!!

We get so excited for all our new weight loss clients because we know how good things are for you when you start experiencing all the benefits.

While I am writing this I have just received a message from a client who is one week in to her program.

She said, ” I was a bit flat for the first couple of days but now I am feeling fantastic, really loving the food suggestions and all of a sudden not craving sugar, I’m down 1.8 Kg after first week”.

We hear this all the time and I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences.


Talk To a Real Person

Phone: 0423-721941

If you happen to get our voicemail please leave a message with your name and number and one of our team will definitely call you back.



Where Is Motivating Health?

While this Keto Weight Loss Program is delivered to you live and online we are also a bricks and mortar business. We are situated at Unit 4 No 8 Bonnal Rd Erina, NSW 2250



* For those that follow the program as per our directions these are very typical results. It’s important to note that results can vary from person to person.