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Organic Pea Protein

$49.95 Incl GST

The Tastiest Clean, Natural Organic Pea Protein on the market. You won’t be disappointed.

When you buy the Motivating Health Organic Pea Protein Weight Management Formula and you also receive access to our 12 week weight loss program valued at $160.00 for FREE. Your emailed purchase receipt will include A coupon code which will allow you to join the program for FREE. Just follow the link to the sign up page that will be in the email containing your receipt.

You will receive 2 easy to follow and understand video tutorials each week (approximately 5 minutes in length) set up in a step by step plan to get you kicking goals. Each video builds on the previous information. START NOW, NOT SURE HOW LONG WE WILL KEEP THIS OFFER AVAILABLE.


Deal Direct with a family owned

Australian Manufacturer!

The Tastiest Clean, Natural, Organic Pea Protein on the market. You won’t be disappointed. You are buying direct from the manufacture. Perfect for Vegans!

Organic Pea Protein is considered the most bio available method for protein ingestion for Vegans and Vegetarians. In fact because our Salted Caramel is the tastiest on the market it is a great source of protein for everyone. Pea protein is also great for young people, the elderly who often don’t get enough protein, Athletes and Body Builder.

It is the Ideal formula for weight loss when used with our  weight loss & weight management programs.

  1. Packed with 24g of  Protein Per Serve.Pea Protein for Vegans
  2. Carbohydrate Per Serve (Salted Caramel – 1.64g,
  3. Only 123 Calories per serve.
  4. Perfect for muscle tone.
  5. Helps suppress your appetite.
  6. Helps you feel full.
  7. 20 serves per container.

The Shake is a great addition to any weight loss program, however it works best when used in conjunction with the Motivating Health weight loss program.

Protein is generally more satisfying as a meal because you feel fuller for longer. Your body needs to work harder to digest protein which means there are less calories left over after digestion.

Also available weight loss consultations via Skype Email for more information.