Motivating Health – Low Carb Protein Shake – Strawberry

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Weight Management Formula

The Motivating Health Shake is a Tasty, filling meal replacement:

It is the Ideal formula for weight loss and weight management programs

  1. Less than 3g of Carbohydrate.
  2. Pack with 25g of Whey Protein Per Serve.
  3. Only 117 Calories per serve.
  4. Perfect for muscle tone.
  5. Helps suppress your appetite.
  6. Helps you feel full.
  7. 4 awesome flavors (Chocolate, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel & Strawberry)
  8. 20 serves per container.

The Shake is a great addition to any weight loss program, however it works best when used in conjunction with the Motivating Health weight loss program.

Protein is generally more satisfying as a meal because you feel fuller for longer. Your body needs to work harder to digest protein which means there are less calories left over after digestion.

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