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Home Workout for Busy People

$49.95 Incl GST

Wish you had more time for exercise?

Well here is the answer. Download the home workout for busy people, follow the instructions, watch the 12 videos and do the exercises. It’s simple, this workout only takes 30 minutes, longer if you want and you’ll be left feeling pumped, proud and satisfied. It’s well worth the investment.

It’s like having a personal trainer at home without the expense.


The Home workout for busy people is a set of 12 exercises performed on video by one of our top trainers who is a young Mum. She used these exact exercises to get back into shape after the birth of her beautiful daughter.

If you are time poor or travel a lot and don’t want to miss your workouts, these videos will guide you through an amazing, exhilarating workout that will leave you pumped, proud and satisfied. This workout can be done at home, at the beach, in a hotel room or at the gym. It is equally as effective for Men even though the trainer in the video is a female.

The download includes a short video tutorial of each exercise and the notes will give you all the guidance you require.

Enjoy the workout and enjoy the results!!!!!!!!!