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Personal Training & Fitness Erina, Terrigal Gosford

We have a mix of male & female personal trainers available to you. Rates start at only $55.00 per one hour session. So call now and book your first session. If you would like to talk about which Trainer might be the best fit for you Call Lance Roberts on 0423 721 941. Remember “being fit is FUN!’

  • If you need motivation to get exercising we have a personal trainer to suit you!
  • If you have injuries we have a personal trainer to suit you!
  • If you are over 40 years old, we have a personal trainer to suit you!
  • If you are over 60 years old, we have a personal trainer to suit you!
  • If you are on a budget we have a range of personal training packages to suit you!
  • Oh, yes we have personal trainers that specialize in the younger generation as well!
  • If you have had a bad experience with a personal trainer in the past, please don’t give up!

Should I use Personal Trainer?

If you Say yes to any of the bullet points below, you are a candidate for and would benefit from personal training sessions: 

  • I am not confident using gym equipment and would prefer someone to help me.
  • I am not comfortable in a gym environment and would prefer someone to help me.
  • I have injuries that need to be managed and need someone to help me & guide me.
  • I want the best possible outcome for my efforts & want a professional to help me achieve this.
  • I want complete privacy while I am exercising and as such I don’t want anybody else around.
  • I want to train at a set time each session and want the same person for each session.
  • I am a successful professional or business person and as such I want a successful trainer to help me achieve success in my fitness & health goals.
  • I want efficient time saving training techniques. 

Motivating Health has an exclusive commercial gym, Experienced professionally qualified & Fitness Australia registered and insured personal trainers. We are situated at Erina on the Central Coast of NSW.

We specifically chose to operate our personal training business from Erina as it is only half an hour away from anywhere on the Central Coast and as such allows us to provide maximum service to our Weight Loss, Health & Personal Training clients particularly those in the Terrigal, Wamberal, Avoca, Kincumber, East Gosford, Gosford, Green Point, Matcham & Ourimbah areas.

What is a Personal Trainer?

    1. A Personal Trainer is an individual who should be qualified & registered with Fitness Australia.
    2. A Trainer works one on one or with small groups of people to assist them with exercise.
    3. The Trainer should have public liability & professional indemnity insurance.
    4. The trainer through his education will recognize that each individual has varying starting levels of fitness and will quite possibly have other physical challenges based on age or pre- existing injuries. No two clients are the same.
    5. The Trainer should always be educating themselves to become better qualified.
    6. The Trainer will always have the safety of the client as the first goal of any program.
    7. The trainer should always under take a health assessment with any potential client, prior to starting an exercise program.
    8. The trainer can set goals for the client & helps motivate them towards these goals.
    9. The trainer educates people who may be fearful of exercise or gyms about how to use the exercise equipment safely& confidently.
    10. A trainer can become a trusted confident & friend.
    11. The trainer should have a great space and atmosphere for the client to enjoy & train in.
    12. The trainer should have safe well maintained and up to date equipment for the client to use.
    13. The trainer should practice what he or she preaches.

There are two types of personal trainer! 

The First: A committed fitness professional who works 100% in their business full time.

The Second: A part timer who hasn’t committed 100% to their trade and as such can’t be treated  or paid as a professional.

If you are considering using a personal trainer or fitness professional this is a choice you need to make.

What Does Personal Training Cost? 

The choice to use a Personal Trainer can be motivated by any or all of the reasons mentioned above. It does obviously cost more than a gym membership to use a personal trainer.

However the benefits and the level of service provided at Motivating Health are second to none and can be priceless.

The qualifications & experience of the trainer will influence the price, so will the level of service required by the client.

These are all things that can be discussed at an initial meeting whereby by all of your wants and needs can be discussed and then bundled into a package that perfectly suits what is required.

At Motivating Health there is no pressure to lock in to contracts, what you will very quickly find out at the first interview is that your goal becomes our goal and we will focus 110% of our experience, resources and effort on you and your goal in order for you to get what you want and need.

The Benefits? 

  • Variety in your programs means you will never get bored or stale.
  • Fun in our sessions is also a priority.
  • Safety is our trainer’s utmost priority.
  • Your sessions will be completely private. No general members have access to the gym while personal training is on.
  • You will have 110% attention of our trainers.
  • Our Trainers are available to be contacted for questions at any time even outside your training times.
  • Our trainers are fully trained in our 2 stage weight loss program
  • Your fitness program builds progressively in a controlled & safe manner.
  • All your results are recorded to verify your progress. This reminds you exactly of where you have come from.
  • If any of our trainers cancel and you miss out on a session, you will be given a make-up session plus a free half hour session (Christmas close down excluded from this offer).

At Motivating Health we want to show you how good & how exceptional you can be.

Because of our experience we know what you are capable of as a 30, 40 & 50+ years old.

You May Have Injuries! 

We understand that at certain ages you are much more vulnerable to specific injuries. We also understand that just because you may have injuries, this doesn’t mean that you can’t or don’t train. Our trainers stay up to date with many techniques that pretty much keep your training on track.

Follow Lance’s regular blog posts , some of which may interest you, some may even be controversial. We’ll keep you informed and educated and entertained with relevant and up to date health & exercise information.

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